Comprehensive Business Advisory

Streamlining the Legal and Operational Management of Your Company

Focused on the commercial sphere, we provide a comprehensive service that ranges from the formation of companies to ongoing legal maintenance, ensuring compliance with current regulations.

What Can We Do for You?

Company Formation

Assistance in establishing companies, drafting articles of association, and completing the corresponding registration.

Advisory in Corporate Transactions

Legal guidance in mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructurings.

Liquidation and Division of Companies

Legal processes for dissolving, merging, or dividing companies.

Advice on Inheritances and Successions

Legal planning for the efficient management of inheritances and successions.

Inheritances, Wills, and Successions

Legal advice on the planning and management of inheritances and successions.

Commercial Maintenance of the Company

Management of legal obligations, commercial registers, and corporate secretarial duties.