Inheritances, Wills, and Successions: Your Partner for Secure Estate Management

Protect your legacy and ensure the future of your loved ones with our expert advice on inheritances, wills, and successions.

We offer personalized support throughout the entire estate transmission process, from testamentary planning to tax settlement and registry enrollment.

Our team of legal experts will provide you with the guidance and support needed to face this moment with peace of mind and confidence.

Nuestro equipo de expertos legales te ofrecerá la orientación y el apoyo necesarios para afrontar este momento con tranquilidad y confianza.

Specific services for each case:

Testamentary Planning

We advise you in drafting your will, ensuring that your wishes are clearly and precisely fulfilled.

Procedures and Formalities

We comprehensively manage all legal procedures and formalities related to inheritance, including obtaining certificates, accepting or renouncing the inheritance, and declaring heirs.

Tax Settlement

We advise and manage the settlement of taxes associated with the inheritance, such as Inheritance Tax and Municipal Increment Tax.

Registry Enrollment

We assist you in registering the inheritance in the corresponding registries, ensuring the legal security of your estate.