Comprehensive Labor Advisory for Businesses

Maximize Your Team's Potential with Specialized Labor Consultancy

We provide your company with labor advisory services, personnel management, and Social Security administration, offering a comprehensive service tailored to your needs.

Our approach is based on efficient operational processes and advanced technology. With Adlanter One, our exclusive client portal, we optimize communication and information exchange, achieving greater organization and cost and time savings.

Daily Consultancy:

  • Hiring and legal requirements.
  • Payroll management.
  • Social Security.

Strategic Consultancy:

  • Solution planning and conflict prevention.
  • Regulatory assessment and compliance.

Our Commitment to You:

ISAE3402 Certification

Our ISAE3402 Certification ensures excellence at every step of our service. With an annual audit, we guarantee quality and precision, reducing errors by over 90%. This means we prevent significant discrepancies in taxes and Social Security reconciliations, providing you peace of mind and confidence in every aspect of your labor management.

We Adapt to You

We design a personalized schedule, provide clear manuals, and offer flexible compensation tailored to your needs.

Professional Team at Your Service

You won't just have a technician but an entire team dedicated to your service, ensuring continuity and excellence.

Guaranteed Quality

You'll have expert professionals, experience with various collective agreements, and the backing of a 4 million euro liability insurance.

What Can We Do for You?

Payroll Management

Administration and management of employee payments, optimizing financial processes.

Social Security

Compliance with legal obligations related to contributions and social benefits for employees.

Labor Inspection

Assessment and compliance with labor regulations to avoid penalties and ensure adequate working conditions.

Dismissals and Labor Conflicts

Advice and management of procedures to resolve conflicts and labor terminations.

Relationship with Legal Representatives

Coordination and assistance in communications and negotiations with legal and union representatives