Payroll Management and Personnel Administration

Simplify Your Workforce Management with Our Comprehensive Service

Trust us for efficient payroll management, contracts, income tax withholding, and Social Security. We embrace digitalization to provide you with quality and effective service.

Some of our specific services in payroll management include:

Employee Hires and Terminations

We handle employee hires, terminations, and changes, prepare contracts, register with the Public Employment Service, and process subsidies.


We prepare pay slips, conduct bank transfers, calculate employees' income tax withholding, and compile accounting lists.


We monitor hiring deadlines, prepare customized lists, and provide any information related to personnel and salaries.

Contributions and Income Tax Withholding

We prepare Social Security contribution bulletins, income tax withholding forms, and income from work certificates.

Administrative Tasks

We handle any procedures with organizations such as the Regional Treasury of Social Security, SEPE, INSS, mutual insurance companies, among others.