Corporate Transactions: Efficiency in the Official Gazette (BORME)

Managing your corporate transactions with precision and expertise, so your company can move forward without obstacles.

We offer you a comprehensive service to manage any corporate operation, from mergers to capital increases. Our team of experts will provide you with a preliminary study and personalized advice, tailored to the specific needs of your company and sector.

Specific services for complete management:

BORME Announcements Processing

We publish official and financial announcements in the Official Gazette of the Commercial Registry and national press, ensuring transparency and legality in your operations.

Liquidation and Registration

We handle the liquidation of models before regional liquidation offices and registration in commercial and property registries, ensuring an agile and secure process.

Tax Management

We file census and cadastral models with the Tax Agency for changes in property ownership, fulfilling tax obligations punctually and accurately.

Tax Updates

We take care of updating municipal taxes such as the Property Tax (IBI) or Business Tax (IAE), so you don't have to worry about these procedures and can focus on growing your business.