We are Adlanter: Your partner for business success

We are a leading business consultancy in Spain and Portugal in the areas of corporate, tax-accounting, labor, and international mobility.

At Adlanter, we distinguish ourselves by excellence in everything we do. Our passion is to accompany companies on their path to success, offering them a comprehensive high-quality service with a national scope that allows you to access our expertise no matter where you are.

Solvenency, experience, and cutting-edge technology are the pillars of our service. We have a team of nearly 400 advisors who are experts in various areas of business management, and will provide you with the specialized advice you need to achieve your goals.

Our extensive network of offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, and Zaragoza allows you to access our personalized attention in a close and personalized manner.

We believe in the success of your company and are here to help you achieve it.


Professional advisors


Offices in Spain




Years of history


We look to the future to continue for another 35 years as one of the country's leading professional services firms.

Adlanter was conceived as a service option in the late 1980s. Initially, it was under the supervision of the auditing firm Audihispana, now Grant Thornton, but soon after it began operating as an independent firm with its own strategy, offices, and service offerings. The initial goal was to complement the services provided by our parent company to its clients, by providing them with a management and administration services company. This initial approach expanded over time, in response to the market and clients, to become what Adlanter is today: a multi-service company in the legal market with national coverage, presence and experience in multiple sectors, and its own identity.


Foundation in Barcelona, led by Cuatrecasas Abogados and Audihispana

We open an office in Bilbao



We open an office in Madrid

Change in share capital, Audihispana exits the shareholder structure



We reached 2 million euros in revenue.

We reached 3 million euros in revenue.



We are more than 60 professionals on staff

We open an office in Valencia



We have exceeded 7 million in revenue and have over 150 professionals on staff

We have exceeded 8 million in revenue and have over 188 professionals on staff



We reached a turnover of 12 million and we have over 240 employees

We are more than 273 workers and we exceed 12.4 million in turnover



We exceeded 13.5 million in revenue

Acquisition of Gesdocument by Artá Capital



Integration of Arketa and García Riera

Integration of IVC and Arc Advocats i Consultors


Corporate memory

In Adlanter, we measure success comprehensively, not just in numbers. We evaluate our social and environmental impact with the same rigor as our economic results.

We believe in open dialogue and collaboration with our stakeholders to ensure we meet their expectations and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.

We are transparent and report regularly.

Will you join us on this journey towards a better future?

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Accredited Accounting Experts

ISAE 3402

Nuestros valores


We act with sincerity in all our interactions and communicate in a consistent, authentic, simple, and objective manner.


We promote the highest quality standards in everything we do. Our constant pursuit of excellence is the best guarantee of quality for our customers and teams.


We believe in building professional relationships based on respect and diversity. Alongside our clients, we form a united team with mutual trust.


We are passionate about our work, always by our clients' and teams' side. We strive to the fullest to drive the success of those who trust us.

Spirit of overcoming

For us, ambition consists of constantly learning and improving. Any opportunity is good to go beyond expectations and offer exceptional service.