Personnel Selection: Finding the Perfect Candidate

Find the best professionals for your team with our specialized recruitment consultancy.

At Adlanter, we specialize in sourcing executive, middle management, and technical profiles.

We don’t just recruit; we select talent.

From attraction and selection to development, retention, and offboarding, we support you through the entire talent lifecycle.

What Can We Do for You?

Recruitment and Selection

We delve into the essence of your company to find ideal candidates who perfectly fit your culture and needs. We meticulously evaluate skills, experience, and potential to ensure successful hires that drive success and harmony within your team.

Human Capital Management

We optimize your team’s potential with tailored solutions. From career plans to detailed job analyses, we ensure every aspect of human talent is managed strategically, enhancing your team's performance.

Succession Planning

We design robust strategies to identify and develop future leaders within your organization, ensuring business continuity and long-term talent retention.

Nuestros clientes opinan

  • Roland Palacios Sánchez


    Great professionalism and a close approach to achieving our objectives at all times.

  • Marc Enrich Capilla

    Fundació Estimia

    We felt accompanied and professionally advised through complex processes.

  • Bernat Ros Masclans


    We value the flexibility they have shown in understanding and adapting to our HR needs, helping us find the right professionals for each situation.