If you have to transfer professionals to another country to work, you may have thought about the issue of Social Security contributions. As you know, contributions are taken into account when applying for a benefit, such as a retirement pension or unemployment benefit.

So if you wish to offer workers more information about their situation when they return to Spain in the future, you will need to know how to contribute in Spain, although it is not possible in all cases. Let’s see what situations may occur:

Contributing in Spain if I work abroad as a posted worker

This is when the company in Spain sends the worker to another country to work temporarily, which may be for up to five years depending on the country to which they move. In this case, you continue to contribute to Spanish Social Security, after notifying them of the posting using the TA300 form.

Contributing in Spain if I am a self-employed person posted abroad

As in the previous case, you can go abroad to provide a service and remain affiliated with the Spanish system, but you must first notify Social Security using the TA300 form.

Contributing in Spain and abroad without being a posted worker or posted self-employed person

This is when you go to work abroad for a company in that country, so they are not registered in Spain, but in the country where you are working. The same happens if you register as a self-employed person in another country.

In the latter situation, it must be taken into account that what is contributed in another country cannot be transferred to Spain, but does serve to apply for a benefit in that country.

However, if contributions have been made in another country with which Spain has signed an international social security agreement, these contributions will be taken into account when accessing benefits calculated from contributions. Thus, for example, if a person goes to work in Germany, what they contribute there will help them to apply for unemployment benefit in Spain or to calculate their retirement pension.

If you have professionals that you need to post abroad, remember that Adlanter can help you with the expatriation policies of your company and with the taxation of expatriates and international Social Security.

If you need more information about how you can pay contributions in Spain while working abroad or if you have any questions about international Social Security, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts in international mobility and immigration. We will be happy to help you.