How to Create a Representative Office in Spain

Creating a business in Spain through a representative office: everything you need to know about this concept. Steps for creating it and its functions.


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Main characteristics of a Limited Company in Spain

Characteristics of a Limited Company in Spain. Opportunities for starting a business in Spain using the most common type of company


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Is having a NIE the same as being a resident in Spain?

NIEs are issued in various circumstances, so having a NIE is not the same as being a Spanish resident in all situations. When can you get a NIE?


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How To Obtain Residence in Spain If You Have Long-Term EU Residence

Long-term residence in Spain for EU long-term residents in another Member State: key points


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New criterion on the 7P exemption

The Supreme Court decides in relation to the calculation of travel days with regards to the exemption of Article 7P LIRFP


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How do I contribute to Social Security in Spain when working abroad?

If you are going to go and work abroad, you may be interested in knowing more about the issue of contributions, in order to apply for benefits in Spain


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Work from home in Spain

How to Work Remotely From Spain? You must keep these aspects in mind to work from home in Spain: Tax, social security, employment contract and immigration


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When does the Hague Apostille expire?

With a Hague Apostille you will validate a document in a certain foreign country, but for how long is valid? It depends on the type of apostilled document.


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