Advisory on Layoffs and Labor Disputes

esolve Potential Labor Conflicts Through Specialized Legal Advice and Procedure Management

Layoffs and labor disputes are the most complex and significant issues for any company, as they directly affect the organization and have a major impact on corporate culture and productivity.

Therefore, not only is procedural legal advice necessary, but also a comprehensive view of managing these processes.

Our specific services in layoffs and labor disputes include:

Preventive Counseling

We develop strategies to prevent conflicts and optimize labor relations through negotiation, thus avoiding litigation.

Litigation Management

In case of litigation, we defend your interests in lawsuits, arbitrations, and administrative proceedings of all kinds (including appearance and representation of the company before the Arbitration and Conciliation Mediation Service).

Suspensions and Terminations

We manage suspension and termination proceedings of individual or collective employment relationships based on objective or disciplinary grounds.

Internal Flexibility Measures

We offer solutions in internal flexibility measures, which involve substantial modifications to working conditions and can lead to conflict.