How much do non-residents pay in taxes if they own property in Spain?

In this post we explain the basic concepts to avoid any surprises or problems with the Tax Agency


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Does an EU Citizen Need a Residence Permit in Spain?

A foreigner who wishes to reside in Spain for more than three months must obtain the EU Registration Certificate


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How to Create a Representative Office in Spain

Creating a business in Spain through a representative office: everything you need to know about this concept. Steps for creating it and its functions.


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Main characteristics of a Limited Company in Spain

Characteristics of a Limited Company in Spain. Opportunities for starting a business in Spain using the most common type of company


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How do I legally stay more than 90 days in Spain?

Do you know the different ways to spend more than three months in Spain while avoiding an undocumented situation? It will depend on your nationality


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Is having a NIE the same as being a resident in Spain?

NIEs are issued in various circumstances, so having a NIE is not the same as being a Spanish resident in all situations. When can you get a NIE?


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How To Obtain Residence in Spain If You Have Long-Term EU Residence

Long-term residence in Spain for EU long-term residents in another Member State: key points


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